How To Custom Christmas Running Medal

Christmas is a day to commemorate the birth of Jesus. The church and Christmas traditions were established to give Christians a sense of belonging and to ensure they were not alone in the world. This is a secular holiday, but it should be treated as such as it's a reflection of our beliefs. People all over the world celebrate the holiday the same way we celebrate Christmas. The tradition goes back years.

In western society, it is a traditional religious festival. On this day and Christmas Eve, the church carries out commemorative activities, such as mass to commemorate the birth of Jesus. Not only that, but also on Christmas Day, there will be many other activities, can taste a variety of delicacies, receive exciting gifts, and enjoy the joy and throbbing of Christmas with small friends. Celebrating Christmas has almost become a habit, not just for businesses to take the opportunity to promote sales. This has also become another opportunity for couples to show their love.

But do you know? Every Christmas, there is always a group of people running. "Christmas running" has attracted countless foreign runners to participate. All over the world, especially in Europe and the United States, are very keen on Christmas running.

Here are two famous christmas run in the US.

The Santa Monica-Venice Christmas Run is Los Angeles’ largest holiday running event and a great fundraiser. The Christmas Run was started in 1977 with 10,000 runners participating in the race. Runners start from the Santa Monica Pier at 10:00 with the first 10K on Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica Beach. The run will begin from the pier at 11:00 and run along Sunset Blvd, Sunset Bluffs, Sunset Shores, Santa Monica Pier and San Fernando St., culminating in the finish line at the Santa Monica pier. For over three decades, it has not only remained a highly popular local run but the event has become an integral part of the Los Angeles community during the holiday season. For many, the Christmas Run is the true start of the holidays.

Santa monica venice christmas run

Another famous Christmas running event in US:Houston's 12K of Christmas! This years theme is: THE 3RD DAY OF CHRISTMAS (3 French Hens) It is full of fun,Christmas-themed Houston 12K & 6K run that the whole family can enjoy! It is a time to meet new and old friends. The run in the park is made possible by the Holiday Parade and the Houston Public Service Commission is proud to have this as the official running event of the parade.they will have hot cocoa, appearances by jolly old St. Nick and his elves, Christmas carolers and much more holiday fun!

Houston christmas run

At the same time, The medals for the Christmas run are getting more and more attention. The last few years it hasn't been very popular but they get more attention this year - this can be a good or bad thing depending on your mood. If it is the latter then you look for the best medals and these are always the ones that you want to show off and tell your classmates at school. or show off and tell your friends.

  • Top 5 popular christmas running medal on Pinterest

Top 5 popular christmas running medal on Pinterest (1)

Top 5 popular christmas running medal on Pinterest (2)

So what are the characteristics of the Christmas finish medal?

That's the topic of my discussion with my colleagues. Over hundreds of years now, developed a tradition of making the finish medal for Christmas. We do that for events in the UK, in the US, in Canada and in so on. This has a lot to do with the fact that the finish medal is very symbolic. The following are the hot search finish medals on pinterest.

What is your opinion after reading it?

Yes, they all have obvious characteristics.                                                                                                

  • For example, color: mainly red, white, blue and green

  • For example, shape: Snowflake medals are mostly shaped

  • Such as the small details of the design: there are many Christmas elements

Which kinds of elements are most in line with the Christmas atmosphere?

Take a look: For example, we could try to find what makes the holiday atmosphere so powerful. And it would probably be the most important thing. It is not just the traditions. Of course it is Santa Claus, Christmas tree, bells, snowflakes, sleigh, elk, snowman. Santa is the greatest symbol of all. It is the gift that brings happiness and joy. It is a reminder that there are people who truly know our lives. It is the Christmas spirit that we hold in our hearts for the rest of our days.

  • Popular christmas elements

Christmas elements

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So in addition to the color, shape and Christmas elements, what other details will let you know at a glance that this is a Christmas medal?

Of course it is the font

A font is a graphical representation of text that may include a different typeface, point size, weight, color, or design. Font is essentially a set of shapes or typographic components that are used to represent something. In this blog, I will be listing the typefaces and their purpose. The purpose of a font is very important in what you put into it; this is also what makes people use a font in the first place. I started to discover that some fonts were unique.                                                                                                                                   The same content, using different fonts, gives people a different feeling. The fonts themselves are usually so tiny that it might take you a whole second to read in one font. That's why they're so powerful — the smaller they are, the more effective they are! When you use fonts that give you a different feeling, that helps you to connect with the content and to understand it — to "read" it with your own eyes.


  • These Christmas fonts can't be missed

These Christmas fonts can't be missed

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Now we have these image and font, the next step is design.

The following is an actual case study:

Case1: This customer from Europe provided us with three pictures: Christmas tree, snowflake and bird.And text messages include: competition name, medal size and number.

three images

Knowing that the members of this club are mainly students, and this competition is an online marathon. This club has a team of students who want to prepare the team for the race. To improve their ability to prepare for this race, we are planning to give them a training session. all finisher will receive a christmas running medal as reward. after the discussion of our team, we have made a preliminary plan: Blackboard newspaper Marathon Medal. With the blackboard as the design shape, Christmas trees, snowflakes, and other Christmas elements are combined with the blackboard writing effect of chalk.

blackboard christmas running medal

The font we use is Snowtop Caps and the feeling of being covered with snow. After the revision of 2 drafts, the final effect picture is as follows. The customer is very satisfied!

Case2: Another clients didn't provide any images to us,This customer mentioned: Please can your designer come up with a winter medal using these designs?

Yes, for the winter medal, our design team immediately brainstormed and began to conceive the medal around the questions raised by the customer. Who is the target audience? How much time do they intend to spend? In what season do they want to spend it ? What is their most memorable moment and how can we have a medal that highlights that experience?

What is the most typical thing about winter? It's snowflake, bingo!

OK, so let's make sure we use snowflake in the shape of this medal. The idea was approved by client, here is first version.

snow shape race medal

Then we received a new question from the customer: we ave a series of running events in this christmas, there are 5k 10k half marathon and marathon,but we have a tight budget.

What should we do? Of course, our job is to meet all the requirements of our customers!

As a result, there is the following revision,5k medal,10k medal, half marathon medal and marathon medal all with same outline.

Snowflakes christmas running medal

But there are different epoxy dome on frontside,different texts for each events.

1 series 4 custom medals,but only 1 mould needed.that's wonderful!

Conclusion: how to customize your own Christmas run medals?

In fact, it is very simple, contact us, our design team, will best meet your requirements of the design presented to you. Haha, this is a wave of hard ads.

Alright, let's get down to business.

  • Before customizing, you can inform the designer of the medal size, shape preference, competition name, date, Christmas elements, ribbon requirements, and then ask for more than 2 designs to select.

  • Pay attention to communication, the more content you provide, the more satisfactory the designed medals will be.

  • In order to protect the customer's privacy, we removed the customer's competition information and LOGO in the design artwork.

If you are still worried about designing medals, or are not satisfied with the designs of existing suppliers, or simply want to reflect our efficient service, please feel free to contact:

Many clubs and event organizers are already planning Christmas runs?

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