How To Finish Etched Badges

Badges are commonly used as craft gifts. Depending on the processing, there are several types of badges: Soft enamel badges,Hard enamel badges,Offset printing badges,Etched badges,etc.

Among these badge types, the etched badges are more popular and more beautiful badges. So what is Etached badge? How is it made? Awards Gift CO.,LTD to analyze for you.

There are 8 production steps to finish etched badges.

1: Cartography, our artist will use computer design and drafting,commonly used drawing software include Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw, etc. If you need to generate 3D renderings, we need 3D Max software support.

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2: Making a film, the bite badge is different from other badges, it does not need to open the mold. After the badge artwork is calculated, it will be made into a film.

3: Transfer graphics, film production is good to know through the exposure of the printing plate, the graphics of the card is transferred to brass, stainless steel, iron or aluminum.

4: Corrosion, after the graphic is transferred onto the material, the wax is used to protect the place that does not need to be processed. The place to be processed will be protected according to the requirements, and then the chemical will be poured to etch the pattern. After the corrosion is completed, rinse, and heat to remove the cover wax film.

5: Polishing, polishing the surface with a polishing machine to make the metal surface more shiny.

6: Coloring, according to the design requirements of the artwork, the various colors of the badge are painted to show the color.

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7: Punching and welding needles, punching according to the size of the artwork, and then welding the needle and other badge accessories.

8: Electroplating, badges can be plated or glued, can be plated into various effects according to customer requirements, such as gold, silver, copper, etc.