How To Get Your Own Virtual Competition Medal

 2019 RVS 5K Medals and challenge medal

How to get your own virtual competition medal?

As you know, there are 3 virtual race this year, but if you complete all 3 races, you will receive 4 Commemorative Medals.

That is the June 5K medal, the July 5K Finisher medal, the August 5K running medal and the Challenge medal.


But how to get them?


1) Registration activities


Find events and register on the website below




2) Submit completion time


Start running and record according to the honor system. When you're done, visit the Terminator website to submit the completion time.


3) Transportation

The medal will be sent to the actual address in your participant's account at the time of registration.


In addition to the Commemorative Medals, you will also receive:

runDisney virtual series souvenir

Downloadable game bib

Downloadable finisher certificate


Enjoy a range of 5K in the course of your choice

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