How To Make A Zinc Alloy Medal

In our province there are over 100,000 runners join marathon events at December.

The marathon medals market increased a lot during these years,that means more opportunities and competitions.

Awards Gift CO.,LTD is professional medal factory in China,we have produced race medals for thousands of events, and the number is constantly increasing!

Many customers are interested in medal production flows.on this artical,you will see how to make a zinc alloy medal.

Zinc alloy medal production flows-Awardsgift

From raw zinc alloy material to finisher medals,there is a long way to go. 

To make medals,the first thing we need to do is make mould.usually it will take 3-4days.

Die casting is the second step,zinc alloy raw materials are melted into a liquid at a high temperature and poured into a mold, and cooled into the shape of a medal.

Third step is order to make medal surface smooth and with better metallic color,polishing is very important.

Electro-plating will make medals in different metallic colors,such as: gold,silver,copper,antique silver,antique gold,antique copper,black nickle...

If custom medal design with colors,after plated,medals will be delivery to color filling department.

To hang medals,each medals will be sewwing with ribbon.

The last production step is packing.the standard packing method is each medal into polybag.but custom request can be matching as well.

Of course, quality inspection is also essential.before move to the next production step,our quality control staff will make careful inspections for each medal.

Medal production flows

We have strict quality control system to ensure 0 defective rate.

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