How to select an excellent key chain factory

The primary purpose of advertising gifts is to promote the sales of merchants' products. Key chain, as a widely used advertising gift, plays a positive role in the advertising and promotion of products.

When designing a key chain, we should first comprehensively and systematically consider the brand, the product itself, publicity and marketing programs and other elements.

Secondly, in-depth understanding of the connotation of the product, looking for a cut-in point that fits the enterprise and the product image of the enterprise, and integrate this breakthrough point into the key chain design.

metal keyring

In addition, in the design, we should pay attention to the relationship between advertising and enterprises as well as consumers, so that the designed key chain can catching consumer’s eyes and it can become a favorable tool for businesses to win sales. in order to become a medium for consumers to obtain information correctly.

Excellent advertising gifts can not only prompt consumers to buy corporate products in a short period of time, but also with the use of consumers in daily life, consumers will often pay attention to the corporate brand represented by this advertising gift, which can help enterprises to establish a long-term impression in the minds of consumers and play an important role in promoting the re-purchase of corporate brand products.

 As an excellent advertising gift, keychain has the following characteristics:

  1. 1 Use: daily key decoration.

  2. 2 Advantages: low cost and exquisite products.

  3. 3 Materials: multiple materials are available, such as metal, leather ray, PVC soft gel or silica gel, etc.

  4. 4 the product can be used for a long time and reused.

  5. 5 it can do different logo, processes at the same time, so it is a kind of product with strong applicability and excellent advertising promotion.

So how to choose an excellent key chain manufacturer?

First of all, what kind of keychain manufacturer is an excellent supplier?

In international trade, price, quality and delivery time constitute the three major elements for most importers to select suppliers.

With the intensification of market competition, prices are becoming more and more transparent, and importers pay more and more attention to quality, delivery and service.

In particular, service is the basis for determining whether long-term cooperation can be made.

Before the cooperation, if the delivery time permits, Sample or trial order is the most direct way to figure out suitable manufacturer.

Usually a key ring sample can be finished within 5-7 days.

The production process of the sample is exactly the same as that of the mass production.

Sample production process of enamel metal key chain.

  • Design: according to customer LOGO and design requirements, complete the key chain design drawings, we have 3 talented and experienced designers, can fully meet your design needs, and we provide free design services.

  • Mold making: after confirming the design artwork, we use fully automatic precision carving machine and CNC machine, advanced production equipment, fast and accurate engraving, independent CNC mold precision engraving machine, quick release, can be published within 2 days, what’s more 2D relief, 3D relief effect both ok.

  • Metal pieces: using imported raw materials of environmental protection, tested and certified by professional testing institutions of SGS, and passed EU environmental protection standards.

  • Polishing: automatic water grinding and polishing machine with fine and smooth polishing surface, high efficiency and low cost.

  • Electroplating: more than 20 electroplating colors are available.

  • Coloring: skilled workers with more than ten years of work experience, accurate color and good effect.

  • Assembly: meet the assembly requirements for different key chain accessories 

  • Packaging: a single product into an OPP bag, can also be packaged according to customer design requirements, with paper jam, color box, blister packaging, etc.

Our factory adopts advanced assembly line operation, and more than 60% of the production equipment is automatic.

And more than 90% of the employees are proficient in more than 5 years of work experience.

Each production link has professional QC control quality, which can effectively improve the delivery speed.

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