How to use PVC keychain for promotion?

Soft keychain, which is a PVC soft keychain. Is a fashion, three-dimensional sense, bright colors, feel, visual effects, soft rubber keychain style, such as cartoon shape, brand shape, etc., give the key to choose your favorite keychain, can reflect the personal mood With personality, you can show your taste and bring you a more enjoyable mood. On the surface, you can add the company's LOGO, advertising graphics, for the promotion of brand image.


PVC keychain features


1. Different shapes and generous design bring you high value and practicality.

2. Giving a noble and soft feeling, the shiny metal ring enhances the cleanliness and beauty of the entire product.

3. The product adopts the process of dispensing glue of the dispenser, the pattern is three-dimensional, vivid image, but the production time is relatively long.


Use of PVC keychain


The soft keychain is mainly used as a kind of hanging ornament. At the same time, it is also an advertising accessory distributed by various units of the enterprise. It has both practical value and decoration. It is a good gift and crafts used for advertising by corporate units!

Soft pvc keychain