How zinc alloy medals be made?

Nowadays, marathon, running,walking events are very popular, as long as you finished,you will get a finisher medal,so how these medals be made?


Today Awards Gift CO.,LTD will come to reveal the production of medals.


The first step is design the artwork. Usually the customer will send us the designed artwork.

If the customer's design is not implemented in production, at this time, our engineers will fine-tune the artwork. Strive to change the original image as small as possible in accordance with the principle of production.

After that, we make mould, according to the size and material of the product, we will choose the steel material of the right size.

After the grinding mould tool is finished, it is like this.

 Mould for marathon medal_副本

Prior to production, the tool will undergo a series of treatments to meet production requirements.

Next, the mold tool is installed on the machine, the raw material is added, and the original medal will come out like this.


Die casting piece for ironman medals_副本

After be polishing, electroplating, coloring and other production processes, a medal is completed.



Please follow us, the next time we will introduce you, polishing, plating, coloring and other production processes.