Introduce for hard enamel keychain

Metal keychain as giveaway gift is very popular on our daily life.

Custom keychain can matching personalized design and requests on shape,material,color and logo.

Today we would like to introduce you for hard enamel keychain.

Hard enamel keychain

This hard enamel keychain is a Chinese emperor wearing a robe design.

Whole keychain plating in shiny gold,gold is proprietary color for Chinese represent noble and power.

There are red and white hard enamel colors on Emperor's hat and yellow,black,blue,purple hard enamel on robe.

On left hand of emperor,there is a old-chinese football.

Enamel keychain

From side view,we can see,each colors is clear to be divided.

Whole keychain be filled in hard enamel colors.all raised metal link and color face in same level.

That is most obvious character for hard enamel keychain.

Because we fill each color fully and polish metal and color surface together.

If you also want to make or have a high quality hard enamel keychain,please contact us !

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