Introduce several distinctive Chinese marathon medals

Introduce several distinctive Chinese marathon medals


1) Wuhan Online Marathon Medal

The ancient city tower is full of pink cherry blossoms. On the back is the famous Yellow Crane Tower in Wuhan. This medal takes the most distinctive spots in Wuhan.

Wulan Virtual Marathon Medal

Wuhan 10KM online marathon medal


2) Mother's Day online running medals

The most attractive thing about this medal is these pearls. It symbolizes the nobleness and elegance of the mother.

Mother's day marathon medal

Mother's day marathon medal 2


3) Dalian online marathon medal

What is the most representative of China's impression? That is the dragon. The ancient emperor was called the dragon. This shows that the dragon is in the lofty position of the Chinese people.

This medal is based on the dragon and auspicious clouds. The 3D embossing is vivid.

 dalian online marathon medal_副本

dalian online marathon medal 2_副本

4) Teacher's Day online running medals

This is a two-in-one medal. The top is a thin bookmark that can be taken separately and used as a bookmark.


bookmark marathon medal

bookmark marathon medal 2


5) Hangzhou Online Marathon Medal

With a fan shape, this famous Hangzhou attraction is carved on the back side, such as West Lake, Leifeng Pagoda, Lingyin Temple...

 Hangzhou online marathon medal 2

Hangzhou online marathon medal

6) Beijing Online Marathon Medal

How can I go to the Temple of Heaven to see how this Beijing Marathon medal is designed with the Temple of Heaven. The 360-degree full three-dimensional design allows you to see the Temple of Heaven without going to Beijing.

Beijing Online Marathon Medal

Beijing Online Marathon Medal 2