Introduction For Glitter Medals

What is glitter medal?

Glitter medal, it is medal which with glitters.some with single color glitters,some with multi-colors glitters.

Glitter,also known as glitter powder, because the specification is also called golden onion glitter is electroplated by PET, PVC, OPP metal aluminum film materials of different thickness with high precision, and the coating is made by precision cutting. The particle size of onion powder can be produced from 0.004mm-3.0mm. The environmentally friendly one should be made of PET. Its shapes are tetragonal, hexagonal, rectangular, prism and so on. Spring onion pink is divided into laser silver, laser gold, laser color (including red, blue, green, purple, peach red and black) silver, gold, color (red, blue, green, purple, peach red and black) magic color series. Each color system has a surface protective layer, bright color and lustre, and has a certain resistance and temperature resistance to mild corrosive chemicals of climate and temperature.

Dimension for glitters

As a kind of surface treatment material with unique effect, onion powder is widely used in Christmas handicrafts, candle technology, cosmetics, screen printing industry, decorative materials, paint decoration, furniture painting, packaging, promotional gifts, hardware handicrafts and other fields. its characteristic is to enhance the visual effect of the product, make the decoration part concave and convex, more three-dimensional. And its highly glittering characteristics make the decorations dazzling and add luster.


Production steps to make glitter medals

There are 7 mains production steps in order to producing a medal.that is :

Medal production flowsStep1: Prepare raw material and medal mould

Step 2: Die casting

Step 3: Medal Polishing

Step 4: Electro-plating

Step 5:Colors-filling

Step 6:Sewwing ribbon

Step 7:Packing

The glitter work is finished in colors-filling step, the specific operation is as follows:

After inject soft enamel colors,heat medal and make enamel color in half dry, then sprinkle the powder, clean the surface, and then send medal to the oven and dry.

If your medal design with several different colors of glitters powder, for example, red glitter,green glitter,white glitter and orange glitter, each color should be finished one by one.

For example,

First,fill white enamel first and make it in half dry and sprinkle white glitters and clean the surface and then send it to oven and dry.

Second,fill green enamel first and make it in half dry and sprinkle green glitters and clean the surface and then send it to oven and dry.

Third step to finish orange glitter and forth step to finish red glitter.

Step by step,one by one.It can be seen,medal with 4 glitters design will take 4times production time to fill colors than 1 glitter color medal.


What are the surface effects on glitter medals

There are two common ways: 1 Without epoxy coating;2 With epoxy coating

glitter medal (1).jpg

Glitter medal without epoxy

Glitter medal with epoxy coating (1).jpg

Glitter medal with epoxy coating

Glitter medals that does not have epoxy coating,when you touch glitter and feeling power

consisting of small grains or particles, if the powder cover is thicker, glitters which cover on the top is not fully trapped in the enamel colors and may fall off after friction. this is often said to be the phenomenon of falling powder,but don't worry about that all powders will fall off,because on the bottom powders are trapped in enamels.

In order to avoid this phenomenon, the entire surface of the medal can be covered with clear and transparent epoxy coating, so that the surface of the medal is very smooth.

Common used glitter colors


There are many colors of glitter powder, different color systems have different color powder, in addition to the common colors, there are metal colors, such as gold glitters, silver glitters and so on.


Glitter medals we finsihed

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