Introduction For Military Medal Accessories

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The accessories of the military medals will vary according to different countries. In fact, not all countries have the following medal accessories, and the name and wearing etiquette will be different. It mainly includes the following parts:

Collar: A precious metal necklace worn around the neck, fixed at the shoulder with a shoulder guard (large necklace grade) or hidden under the collar (neck chain), only at the ceremony hosted by the monarch and part of the republican state (eg France, Russia, etc.) when the head of state is in office.

Collar badge: A badge on the neckband that is worn at the end of the ankle strap when the neckband is not worn.

Order: worn on the left or right underarm position, the medal worn by the woman or spouse is different from the medal worn by the men, usually with a bow ribbon.

Medal clasp: Also known as the decorative plate, an accessory for the military medal, a metal clip worn on the ribbon or a metal buckle on the collar.

Medal ribbon: A ribbon with a medal.

Ribbon bar: The certificate of honor, the table, is a rectangular chapter that can be used instead of a star or medal, and a circular outline with a pin-type.

Rosette: Special scorpion, with a knot of squid, is higher than the knotless scorpion.

Certificate: A certificate of the medal.

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