Is Genuine Leather Or Pu On Golf Bag Tags

How to distinguish is genuine leather or PU on below golf bag tags?

Antique Bronze Golf Bag Tags (1).jpg


Touch: Touch the surface of the leather with your hand. If it is smooth, soft, full, and elastic, it is the genuine leather. Generally, the artificial and synthetic leather has a blemish, a rigid plate and poor softness.

Look: the surface of the leather has clear pores and patterns. The yellow cowhide has relatively fine pores. The yak has thick and sparse pores. The goatskin has fishy scale pores.On the left side of above golf tag, the edge of the brown belt is not smooth, it is the genuine leather-specific fibrous tissue.

Sniffing: All genuine leather has a leather smell; artificial leather has a strong plastic smell.

Burning: A little bit of fiber is torn off from the back of real leather and artificial leather. After igniting, the scent of scent and the formation of sputum are artificial leather; the leather that emits hair odor and does not knot hard is dermis.

Press: sued with nails, if recovered quickly and without traces, it is genuine leather

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