Love At First Sight 5K Running Medals

transparent color marathon medals

Above design running medals makes me fall in love at first sight.


Because of the finishing of transparent colors.

Transparent color silver medal race
This is 5K finisher medal for race event,made by zinc alloy in silver plating metal.
You can see all 3D details under transparent color clearly,it looks like there is a paw under yellow liquid.
Transparent color Silver Medal Race (4).jpg

Transparent color Silver Medal Race (1).jpg

Beach half marathon medals

This half marathon medal in copper plating,with transparent blue colors on front side.there are three different transparent blue color,it looks like sea water on beach.the copper plating metal looks like red beach.very beautiful medal.
Sea water half marathon medals (1).jpg

Ocean half marathon medals (2).jpg

Is there any medals which you fall in love at first sight? welcome to share with us,your picture and story will be post here and your will get a coupon which you can used when make medal order.