Materials used to produce custom medals

Materials used to produce custom medals


We are NBCU audit manufactory to make custom medals.on our factory we use these three material for medal making.


1) Iron

Iron is economic material compare with brass and zinc alloy metal.,the cost is very competitive.but this metal is hard and not easy to be stamped.

In this case,there is dimension limited for iron medals.

gold plated iron london souvenir medal


2) Brass

It is well known that brass material with excellent quality,because brass is soft is easy to get mirror polishing quality.

Brass material is common used for hard enamel finishing medals.

Hard enamel brass football medal


3) Zinc alloy

Die casting zinc alloy has low melting point and good fluidity advantages,it is widely used material for personalized die cut design medal,3D medal,big medals productions.

Antique bronze 3D medalsDie cut zinc alloy race medals

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