New Arrival - Colorful PVC Luggage Tag Set

Colorful cute travel luggage tag set,for family or friends.made by eco-friendly PVC material,with cute and colorful designs on front,which is very eye you can find you luggage more easy...

Colorful Cute Travel Luggage Tag Set (1).jpg

Colorful Cute Travel Luggage Tag Set (2).jpg

According to the study, more than 70% of consumers are willing to pay for what they like.there are 7 various design luggage tag on this set,that means the chances of the product being purchased will increase by 7 times.

When a consumer only need one, luggaga tag,what will makes him change his mind and purchase 7 pieces in set ? that is good price.

Awards Gift CO.,LTD is directly PVC luggage tag manufacturer with good price and us to know more: