New York Marathon Medal Evolution History

In 1970, a New Yorker named Fred Lebow spent a thousand dollars to hold a marathon in Central Park. This game is the origin of the New York Marathon, one of biggest marathon event in WMM today.The maximum number of participants has exceeded 100,000. 

Fred Lebow

   >> Right, white dress runner is founder Fred Lebow

In the first few years, because he paid for it himself, in order to save money, Fred Lebow did not provide a finisher medal for runners how finish the competition. 

The earliest New York Marathon medal that can be found now comes from 1976.

1976 New York Marathon Medals

1977 New year marathon medal with similar design as 1976 medal but with number on back side

New York Marathon Medal 1977

During this period, marathon medal mainly with short webbing and with safety brooch back.which you can wear on front of your suit.

In 2014, Doublespace designed the medal of the New York Marathon and the entire visual system. This is also the first time TCS has sponsored the New York Marathon. Since 2014, the style is very uniform.

New York Marathon Medals 2014-2017

New Yorkers are full of love for running marathons. Many people have run from the first term to the present and have collected all the medals.

New York Marathon Medals (8)

The 2020 New York Marathon will celebrate its 50th anniversary, and the race is scheduled for November 1st (the first weekend of November each year) The design of the track is also very unique. It passes through the five major urban areas of New York, crosses five bridges, and ends in Central Park in Manhattan. The essence of this modern city, with a glimpse of New York City.

New York Marathon Medals (3)

Although the epidemic is not very optimistic, I believe that people in New York will soon overcome the epidemic.

Fighting COVID-19,New york will win!

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