No medal No marathon

The idea of “No medal, No marathon” has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. 

rotating marathon medal

The marathon medal has become one of the hard indicators that determine whether an event is worth participating. Some players once said that if the marathon medals are high in value and beautiful in design, even if the game is bad, it will be acceptable. If the medals are too low and too common, then the event service will be good and will not be attracted. 

As the Wall Street Journal article, "Will you want a medal to win a medal?" Interpretation:

"In a running event, a finishing medal hanging on a ribbon seems to be a common phenomenon, so that if a player does not get a medal after completing a game, they will feel that something is wrong."

Everyone runs a marathon for different purposes. Maybe running for a medal may not be a bad thing. The 90s marathon enthusiast, who has collected hundreds of medals, explains the significance of the medal for him.

"A medal represents a city, and every medal has the same weight in his heart." "The medals are not for showing off, but for witnessing the enthusiasm and madness of running."

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