No Repeated Designs Berlin Marathon Medals

Every year on the last Sunday of September,the Berlin Marathon is held in Berlin, Germany, the fastest track in the world.

Every runner who finishes the race will receive a finish medal,these medals is unique and with feature of last year’s marathon champion portraits or major deeds in the history of the marathon. Therefore, it is not repeated every year.

According to the data, the portraits of ancient Greek athletes were used from 1974 to 1977. After 1978, the portraits were all used in the former Olympic marathon champion.

2011 berlin marathon medals.jpg

2011 Berlin marathon medal

2012 Berlin marathon medals.jpg


2013 berlin marathon medal.jpg


Some people say that the idea of the Berlin Marathon's finished design is to remember these outstanding figures. They are the forerunners of the marathon and the idols of today's marathon boom, they will never be forgotten.

2006-berlin marathon medals.jpg

2006 Berlin marathon finisher medal

2007 berlin marathon medal.jpg


2010 berlin marathon medal.jpg


Even though finisher medal design is unique each year,but the ribbon is always same,it is three color strip ribbon in Germany flag colors.

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