Business Opportunities For Military Challenge Coins

In the past, an American boy sold commemorative coins for millions of dollars a year.

This young man was found to have sold military challenge coins online during his time as a soldier. It was usually made by the military to commemorate an event or for rewards.

The young man stumbled upon the fact that some military mothers wanted the commemorative coins that belonged to them.

So he found a friend to design the pattern, went to Google to find a commemorative coin maker, and produced a group of military mothers commemorative coins.

military challenge coin

Only one hundred were made for the first time, and the result was sold out, and the net earned $250.

Later, he designed the commemorative coins for various relatives of the military, and continued to reduce costs, such as choosing a CHINESE FACTORY TO MAKE COMMEMORATIVE COINS, so he made a big profit.

After he retired, he set up the company to continue to do this business, and to help the companies in need to customize the commemorative coins, such as the order received by the Star Wars commemorative coin, it is 50,000.

His commemorative coin company has annual sales of $5 million, and can make a net profit of $1 million in addition to various costs.

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