PVC keychain production process

In Japan and Europe and the United States and other countries where animation industry is developed, merchants often use the popular cartoon character or the more classic cartoon image as a cartoon PVC keychain as a promotional gift, and incorporate the company's logo or name into the promotional gift. Designed or printed on the back of the key fob. The cartoon keychain is cute and practical, so it is easy to get the customer's approval. The keychain is recognized by the customer and recognized by the company's brand.


How is the hot-selling PVC keychain be made?

Awards Gift CO.,LTD will introduce to you:

1) Mould making: first draw the design artwork according to the requirements of the customer's product, and then make the touch tool, that is, we will need to make the pattern and then touch it back, and the color master will mark the color according to the design. The card number is used to prepare the raw materials needed to produce the keychain.

bear shape pvc soft keychaincustom soft PVC keychain

2) Proofing: After the mold is finished, the proofing master can proof the sample. After the sample is completed, we will take a photo or send a sample to the customer for confirmation. After the customer confirms it, the big product will be produced. The proofing cost of the keychain: generally sample cost from US$50-US$150,cost is based on size and design.

3) Production: According to the complexity of the products and production schedule on our factory,usually it will take 2-3 weeks to finish mass production.while we also have a special department to deal with demands for urgent orders. If you have rush order, please let us know in advance.

4) Packaging: Common packaging methods include OPP bags, paper card packaging, and blister packaging. If the customer does not specify the packaging method, usually we use OPP bag packaging.

card packing pvc keychain (1)card packing pvc keychain (2)