Shield Shape Football Team Logo Lapel Pin

Why there are many football team emblem lapel pin in shield shape?

When you look at shield,what do you think of ?

War, warrior, knight !

Modern football originated in Europe and was a war in peacetime. 

A football player is a warrior, a knight.

Europe is particularly keen on the spirit of the Cavaliers, so it is natural to pin this knighthood  to football.

The shield is also naturally incorporated as a representative element of war into the badge of   the football club, and it also means the spirit of the Cavaliers.

Diamond Shape Lapel Pin Football (1).jpgIs there any impressive lapel pin football you ever seen like this one ?

Item:  Shield shape lapel pin football

Size: 30mm

Silver plated 

Soft enamel with glitter and epoxy coating

Butterfly clutch back 

Custom design and request is us for best price: