Skyview Adventure Events And Finisher Medals

On May 12th, the 2019 Lijiang Skyview adventure competition will be held here. The competition is divided into two groups:Ultra Dragon group and Challenge Jade group.full of challenge and adventures.

Below is skyview adventure finisher medal on 2018.

Whole medal in antique silver looks like,with brown leather ribbon and a traditional sign on local Yunnan province.

skyview adventure finisher medals (3)skyview adventure finisher medals (4)

Below are other kinds of finisher medal we done in antique silver colors also:


Yulong Snow Mountain is a snow-capped mountain group in Lijiang City, Yunnan Province. It is the mountain range of the recent equator in the northern hemisphere. The thirteen snow peaks are endless, just like a "giant dragon" flying and flying, it is called "Jade Dragon". Because its lithology is mainly limestone and basalt, it is also known as "black and white snow mountain", which is a 5A-level tourist scenic spot.

The scenery here is very magnificent. The track is 26.5 kilometers away, with a cumulative climb of 1,800 meters. The lowest altitude is about 2,500 meters. The highest point is 4,460 meters of the Yulong Grand Canyon. This is a very challenging adventure.

skyview adventure finisher medals (1)skyview adventure finisher medals (5)