Standard Thickness Of Bottle Opener Dog Tag

What is Standard Thickness Of Bottle Opener Dog Tag ?
Antique Tag Metal Botte Opener (1).jpg

Gold Bottle Opener Dog Tag (1).jpg

Above are two new arrival bottle opener dog tag we uploading on our is custom design from our customer,he request tag dimension is 30*50mm,when we ask his request about thickness,he said:" i have no idea : ( "

That is totally understandable.

So,what is standard thickness of bottle opener dog tag ?

Like above dog tag bottle opener,it is made by zinc alloy material,with double-side design,in order to this bottle opener to opener beer more easier.we suggest make it in standard 3mm thickness.

But standard thickness for different material metal bottle opener is different,for example.stainless steel bottle opener dog tag,the standard thickness is 1.5mm.

You may ask why ?

We will tell you the reason on the next knowledge.

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