Story About Antique Bicycle Badges

The badge, in short, is the mark worn on the body to express identity, occupation, and honor. The school has a school badge, the social organization has an organization badge, and the club has a club badge.

For example:

Masonic badges, Football club badges, Breast cancer awareness ribbon badges,etc.

Today,we will introduce a badge which related to club also.that is " Antique Bicycle Badges "

Stamped Antique Bicycle Badges (1).jpg

Stamped Antique Bicycle Badges (4).jpg

It is a membership badge of the bicycle association.

The antique bronze plating surface means long history of this association.

Front side with 2017 Rider Letters that means this is membership badge for rider who join at 2017.

If you are consider to make badges for your club/school/association,please feel free to send design and request to us :

We will finish your design to be excellent badges.