Supply related products souvenir lapel pin

This is a commemorative lapel pin of a waffle maker. Customers can get this badge for free when they purchase a waffle maker.

The lapel pin is mainly composed of zinc alloy material, using the electroplating effect of matt silver plating. The soft enamel used on the front of the lapel pin, and the sand blasting effect on the back and two metal butterfly clutch. The main pattern is a round waffle and a chicken, and is accompanied by a slogan: "The perfect woffle". The lapel pin design is very cute, and it is very popular among customers, especially those who love to cook.

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Do you know how to make waffles? It has the following five steps:

1. Preparation materials, including: muffin powder, eggs, milk, whipped cream, icing sugar and some fruits you like.

2. Find a clean bowl without water and oil, beat an egg, and mix well with the sifted muffin powder.

3. Add milk appropriately and stir evenly while pouring in.

4. Preheat the waffle maker for 2 minutes, brush the baking pan with oil, pour the batter, and close the lid, about 5-8 minutes.

5. Put on a plate, whipped cream and a little white sugar, pour it on the waffle, and put your favorite fruit.

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