The 5k Zombie Run Events Medals

There are a lot of zombie topic movies and TV shows that are popular with the public, such as "The Vampire Diaries", "28 days later", "Land of the Dead" etc

Have your receive running medals for zombies race events?

Have your participate in running events with zombies chasing you?

If not, you are welcome join The 5k Zombie Run Event at 2nd Nov at Bill Frederick Park,Orlando,USA

You can chose to be a Runner (human) or a Zombie as your wish.Makeup is free of charge,you can dress up before arrival also.

chasing zombie.png

catching you.png

make up zombie.png

There are two events: The 5k Zombie Run and The 5k Color Blast.

If you finished both events in the same day,you'll earn a Third special FUN RUN CHALLENGE medal !

Here are running medal photos for these events.


zombie run medal.png

Zombie 5K Medal

The color blast run medal.png

The color blast medal

Challenge medal.png

Challenge medal