The best anniversary souvenirs - Custom commemorative medals

Ten years of trees, a hundred years of trees, a hundred years of vicissitudes, talents come forth in large numbers. Numerous students have stepped into the society from school and used the knowledge they have learned at school to benefit the society. On the day of the celebration, I was invited by the school to return to my alma mater. Under normal circumstances, in addition to celebrating the conference and school history exhibitions, celebration evenings, and many colleges and universities will prepare commemorative gifts for alumni.

The photos will be yellowed, and the commemorative shirts will not be easily valued, so Yongyin Culture recommends that schools can design their own custom medals for alumni. Customized medals will not be yellowed, not easily lost, can be permanently placed in the box to remember the collection, and more importantly, the custom medals contain commemorative meaning.

The school's custom-made medals can be engraved on the medals, school mottos, school gates, and the historic culture of the school. These history are often the most impressive and proud of the alumni. They reflect these historical cultures on the custom medals, making the customized medals a carrier for the dissemination of the school's history, and at the same time giving the custom medals a strong memorial. .

Choose the representative buildings, sculptures, natural landscapes, etc. to design the patterns and shapes of the custom medals, give a certain aesthetic treatment, and depict the beautiful campus scenery. It can better display the image, form and art of the campus, and express the school's school appearance and humanistic spirit.

An excellent custom medallion can show the unique cultural heritage of the school. It not only allows people to leave long memories, but also establishes a good social image of the university in the long-term application.

Not only that, the custom-made medals during the celebration can also express the school's knowledge and spiritual values, to consolidate the school's fine traditions, carry forward the school's good work style, and publicize the school's school-running characteristics, so that more people can be educated, motivated and encouraged !