The first pin trading day at Shanghai Disney

Since the official publish reopening time of Shanghai Disneyland, the badge collectors have been excited.

Remember the first pin trading day? 

It was April 23, 2017, Shanghai Disney Resort held the first pin trading fun day. 

Eight limited edition badges, 12 brand new "Hidden Mickey Series" badges, and a series of special first anniversary badges are sold to visitors for the first time. 

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In order to buy the limited edition trading pin of the day, most players arrive at four or five o'clock. Long queues, anti-exposure, these can not diminish the enthusiasm of players to get a favorite limited edition badge.

Pin trading began as early as 1999. The Orlando Walt Disney World Resort officially launched the badge exchange event in October of that year, which was widely welcomed by tourists. It also held badge exchange events in California, Paris, and Hong Kong Disneyland. As a result, the badge exchange event has become Disney ’s annual tradition, and has gained the enthusiasm of many badge players around the world for 18 years.

Disney pins can be exchanged with Disney cast members wearing badge lanyards or accessories, or you can choose to exchange with visitors in the resort.

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