The Origin Of Korean Flag Pin Badge

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From the first sight,the korean flag is very Looks like a Chinese “ book of changes"

Today we will introduce the origin of korean flag pin badges.

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The Korean flag is commonly known as the Tai Chi flag (Korean: 태극기; English: Taegeukgi), which is rectangular in shape and has a length to width ratio of 3:2. The meaning of the Korean flag embodies China's "Book of Changes" thought. The central Taiji symbolizes the universe, blue is yin and red is yang. The corners of the four corners are dry at the top left, Kun at the bottom right, Kan at the top, and left at the bottom, representing heaven, earth, water, and fire. The background of the national flag is white, symbolizing the purity of the Korean people and their love for peace.

In the order of Li Hongzhang’s death, North Korea’s Chinese envoy, Ma Jianzhong, suggested that North Korea adopt the traditional Chinese Taiji Bagua flag as the national flag. This proposal was adopted by North Korea. Therefore, the earliest North Korean flag is a black and white pattern. Taiji gossip flag. Later, a British embassy in North Korea modified the Taiji Bagua flag from the perspective of Western aesthetics, removed the four scorpions in the gossip, and stretched the remaining four slantes symmetrically, making the entire flag pattern rectangular. Change the yin and yang fish pattern to red and blue, so that we have the Korean Taiji flag we see now.

Since 1883 (the late Joseon Dynasty), South Korea has used the Taiji flag. The Republic of Korea continued to be extended after the founding of the country.