The rise of the space badge

The rise of the space mission badge

Since it is a badge, it was originally designed to identify a mission, so it is necessary to include the main content of the mission, the partners, the rockets, and so on.

The rise of the space mission badge is about to start from the 1960s. The mission badge originated from the Air Force's epaulette tradition. The first person to propose a mission badge in a space mission was the astronaut Gordon Cooper, who was previously an Air Force pilot.

The first task of using the mission badge was in 1963, the first woman to successfully enter space, the Soviet astronaut Valentina Tereshkova wore the first in the Vostok-6 mission. The mission badge, and named her badge - "Seagull" with her code. Tereshkova flew around the earth for 48 laps.

Seagull Embroidery badge

Since then, the Soviet space mission badges will be different in design according to the different space flight, usually in the color of tension, they even like to print the avatar of the astronauts on the mission badge, profound performance Out of the true meaning of "red and special".

International Space Program badge

Now the badge is widely used in all field, such as the military badges, glorious retirement badges, badge of honor, baseball badges in sports, football badges, Ice hockey badge, badges in the corporate sector, corporate badges,name badges,meeting representative badges,etc.