The Value Of Souvenir Coins

The value of souvenir coins, as the name suggests, is a commemoration, Not only has a collection value, what's more commemorative coins which issued by government can also be used as currency.

The subject on commemorative coin usually because of an important person or event.

Nowadays,the other units also can make souvenir coins.

For example, companies, events, scenic spots, etc.

Therefore, the commemorative coins can be divided into, souvenir tourist coin, challenge coins, GEO coins etc.

Visit Utah Copper Souvenir Tourist Coin (2).jpg

Die Casting Challenge Coin Maker (2).jpg


Because of cultural differences,different countries prefer different designs and effects.

In the UK, the most popular souvenir coins are " Hard Enamel Souvenir Coin"

Hard Enamel Souvenir Coin UK (2).jpg

Hard Enamel Souvenir Coin UK (3).jpg

Hard enamel souvenir coin UK with high quality, exquisite workmanship and bright colors. It is the top grade among the souvenir coins.