The World's Largest Zayed Badge

The World's Largest Zayed Badge

November 28, 2018

To commemorate the UAE's 2018 Zayed Year, the largest zayed badge in the history of the University of Abu Dhabi broke the Guinness World Record.

The University of Abu Dhabi (ADU) is an internationally recognized academic institution for quality education and applied research. The initiative was initiated by Dr. Sheikha Moza bint Tahnoun bin Mohammed Al Nahyan, ADU faculty member, who oversees the iconic Zayed Year logo. The development, execution and creation of the badge.

Dr. Ali Saeed bin Harmal Al Dhaheri commented: “This achievement is a milestone for ADU and contributes to the legacy of the late UAE, the legacy of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. It is Our country's representatives will consolidate history in the region and around the world. Today, we celebrate the glory of creating this new record - a great achievement for our founders, a smart and visionary The leader is also the source of inspiration for all of us. It is our collective honour to add this famous award to our list of honors at ADU. I am very happy to see the community gather together to the late Sheikh Yed expresses their admiration."


Photo:Dr. Ali Saeed bin Harmal Al Dhaheri, Chairman of ADU, accepted the Guinness World Records Certificate on behalf of the University.

largest year of zayed badge


Dr. Sheikha Mozah bint Tahnoun, referring to the certificate received when he broke the record, said: “The entire ADU community has come together to support this national initiative, which coincides with the celebration of the centenary of our founder. This comes with Zayed’s year. The production of the patriotic badge of the logo is only a few days away from the country celebrating the 47th UAE National Day, which is an added bonus.

“The cultural values that the late Sheikh Zayed are recognized will always have a place in our hearts. We follow his vision of excellence in daily life, inspiring wisdom and glamorous leadership. He dedicate his life. For the development of the country, this is what we show to the world today, and what we will continue to do in the next few years," she stressed.

Guinness World Record Representative Hoda Khachab added: "We are honored that the name of this brand is related to the name of the founder of the United Arab Emirates. His heritage is mainly in the fields of education, environment, industry, philanthropy and cultural creativity. In Guinness World record, we have the privilege of preserving and demonstrating the achievements of the country, building links through innovation, knowledge and humanitarian values from the UAE to the rest of the world