Tips to make runners loved virtual race medals

Due to the crisis of the COVID-19 virus epidemic, many events be canceled.

What's more the 124th Boston Marathon was officially changed to an online marathon.there is no doubt that virtual race event is hot this year.

2020 virtual boston marathon medal

If you don't have experience to launch a virtual race event and never make virtual race medals before,the following steps will help you save time to explore.let's start to reading!

Step 1) Chose a event subject

For example: holiday,festival,public concern events,run for charity...

Step 2) Select a registration date period and events date period

Not like reality marathon events,virtual race events always have a period time ,1 week,1 month and so on.runner's who finish the race within these time can join in.

The registration period as longer enouch as you have more time to attract more runners and prepare awards gifts.

Step 3) Prepare awards gifts for finisher

Here are popular gifts for runner: finisher medal,T-shirt,BIB number,Printable finish line,ECO-bag,cooling towel,headband,wristband and so on.this is parts of cost for registration.

Step 4)  Making promotion banner

This is most important part,a charming and interesting banner will attract more runners to registrate.

On this banner,you can put for example medal design,events date,registration method and time information on it.

What's more,to testing,2 medal design options is very useful.

virtual race awards gift

Step 5) Post your events on online platform or SNS pages.

Invite runners to pick medal design which they like most and then produce it as final virtual race medal.

If you don't have graphic team or don't want to pay cost to do graphic work,please feel free to contact us,Except produce awards gifts,we can also help you make designs,gathering opinion from runners.

These service is free,free, free !

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