Trail Run And Trail Running Medals

What is trail run ?

Trail running is a sport that runs and walks on trails in the wild. The difference between it and the road running and the running of the field is that the runners mainly run on the hiking trails in the wild natural environment, usually passing through the mountains, and there may be large fluctuations. "cross-country running" usually refers to Trail Running, also known as "mountain trail running" or "running mountain". In this type of cross-country running competition, long-distance tracks of more than 40 kilometers generally appear. At the same time, "cross-country running" can also be used to refer to Cross Country Running. It is an IAAF event. Usually, the track is shorter and does not exceed 12 kilometers. The rules are stricter than the mountain trail running.

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What does trail running medal looks like ?

Similar as other kinds of sports medals,trail running medal also with ribbon and lanyard attached.

With events logo,organiser information on front and back of medals.

Below are some trail running medals finished by Awards Gift CO.,LTD

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