Two Popular Bottle Opener With Cap Catcher

It’s really troublesome to find a bottle opener every time you drink. Today Awards Gift CO.,LTD will recommend two popular bottle openers worldwide for you.

1) Wall-mounted bottle opener + cap catcher set

stainless-steel-bottle-opener-with-catcher15250361872.jpgStainless Steel Bottle Opener With Catcher

1 wall mount bottle opener + 1  cap catcher as 1 set.

Left image is blank silver set wall bottle opener and catcher.

Custom logo can be printing or laser engraving on surface.

Welcome to send you request to us.

For each set,we will put 4 pieces screws in shipment,so customer can mount it on wall.

To see how is it work on youtu:

wall mount bottle opener with cap

2) Wood refrigerator stick opener with catcher


Wood Board Bottle Opener With Cap Catcher

This opener already be mount on wood plate,it can also be used as a bottle opener and a refrigerator sticker. As long as there is magnetism, it can be attached to the refrigerator grill. Metal texture plus maple wood super high force.


To see how is it work on youtu:

fridge magnet bottle