UAE Women's Day Badge

UAE Women's Day Badge-The first badge to celebrate UAE Women's Day and recognize UAE women's contributions to the UAE's growth in various fields including UAE military and police



Every year on August 28th is a national festival in the UAE to celebrate and promote the great achievements of UAE women. This metal badge is a custom souvenir for this holiday recognition meeting.

"One of the important testimonies of social progress and civilization in countries around the world is the supremacy of the principle of gender equality in all sectors of the country. This principle has been regarded by the UAE leaders as the core of their leadership philosophy. The status of UAE women has been continuously improved And development, women play an important role in all sectors of society, and women ’s images of mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters are closely related to people ’s sense of belonging to the motherland, because from the moment of birth, women are human beings and human beings. The natural guardian of the self is the most important witness of social progress and civilization in countries around the world. Today, women in the UAE account for 66% of the workforce, and 70% of the students in the UAE are women.

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