Unique Military Coin Chess Set

Recently I was hooked on this chess from patriotcoinsusa.com, which is definitely the unique chess set in the world. It is definitely the most wanted chess set for all military fans.

Because it is made up of custom military coins.

These chess (military coins) are made of zinc alloy and in 1.75" diameter. The front faces are made of different 3D embossings. The colors of different players are different. All the pieces of player 1 are matt gold, with black circle surrounding, all the pieces of player 2. They are all matt silver with white circle surrounding,Very easy to identify.

In order to prevent slipping, each commemorative coin is equipped with a 5mm felt pad, which not only protects the board but also facilitates picking. It is very careful design.

The following is a key point to introduce, the 3D relief on each piece (military challenge coin).

We all know that there are a total of 32 pieces of chess, 16pieces per player:


So what are the 3D reliefs on each of chess coin

chest coin

King coin: 4 STAR flag banner

King coin

Queen (Air force) coin: A-10 aircraft

Queen coin

Rook (Army) coin: A tank

Rook coin

Bishop (Navy) coin: The Navy Seal trident

Bishop coin

Knight ( Marines) coin: A twin set of cobra helicopters

Knight coin

Pawn coin :Two Machine guns, the M4 5.56mm and M60 7.62mm

PAWN coin

Not only that, but the names of the different pieces are engraved directly above the coins, so they are very well recognized.

The entire set of chess will be packaged in 2 plastic tubes. Easy to transport.

coin pack