Useful guidelines on badges design

The fineness of the badge design is directly related to the quality of the badge produced. It can be said that the badge design is the source of life for the badge. In the early days, the design of badges was mostly manual, and the accuracy was not high. With the increasing use of computers, the use of computers for badge design has replaced the early manual methods, and the design patterns are more beautiful and diverse. The badge design requires attention to the following three questions.


Badge design software. Badge design computer software generally has coreraw software such as coredraw, illustrator, etc. If you want 3D effect, you can also use 3D MAX software, the color is generally based on the international standard pantone (Pantong color).


Badge design with badge crafts. Badge designers need to know exactly what kind of badges they want. There are many kinds of badges. The badges used in different kinds of badges are often different. For example, if you want to design a badge, but if you put the badge color The design is very complicated, and there are gradient colors, then it will not work, you can only choose to use the printed badge process. The more common printing badges are lithography, screen printing, offset printing, etc. When designing the badge, you should fully consider the different process characteristics, what type of badge you want, and what kind of design, so you can save A lot of badges are produced at a cost, and they can make a badge that is satisfactory. In addition, when designing the badge, it should be noted that some lines should not be too thin, because in the actual badge making, it is often because the lines and lines are too narrow to fill the color, and at the same time, these lines should be made into Metallic color.


In addition, the back of the badge design is also a problem to be aware of. When it comes to the design of the badge, often everyone only thinks about the design of the front of the badge. In fact, a perfect badge, the back design is perfect. Therefore, when designing the badge, don't overlook the design of the back of the badge.

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