UV Print Openers VS Silk Print Bottle Openers

                           UV Print Bottle Openers VS Silk Print Bottle Openers

The printing process is a commonly used process in the production of stainless steel bottle openers. Printing can perfectly display the color of the customer's LOGO, and save the cost to make customized shape bottle opener and shorten the production time.

Commonly used printing processes are mainly divided into two types, one is silk screen printing, and the other is full-color printing, also known as UV printing.

silk print business card bottle opener.png

UV print credit card bottle opener.jpg

When the LOGO is simple and the color is single, silk screen is recommended.

When LOGO is complex and diverse in color, UV printing is recommended.

The following are printing bottle openers with printed LOGO produced by our company. 

Do you know which is speed bottle opener with silk print logo and which is the UV printing bottle opener ?

silk print speed bottle opener.jpg

UV print speed bottle opener.png

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