Ways to put on lapel pin and badge

As a light and compact accessory, the metal badge can be used as an identity, brand identity, some important commemorative propaganda and gift activities, etc., and often wears badges as a way. Mastering the correct way to wear badges is not only related to your identity, but also to your etiquette image. Therefore, the wearing of the badge is a certainty, today we have to talk about wearing a badge.


Wearing the chest is the most common way, if the badge; in addition, can also be worn in the shoulders, caps and other places, such as epaulette, cap badges and so on. To some extent, badges are a sign of identity. Different professions, different social statuses wear different badges, representing different professional images, and a properly worn metal badge not only reflects your identity, but also It also reflects your ceremonial image. You often find that the same badge, different people sometimes wear different positions of the badge, yes, the badge does not have a fixed wearing position, but we often see on the TV, magazines that the stars wearing the badge is so dazzling, There are also our leaders who attend major conferences and wear a badge on the chest, symbolizing that the motherland's badge is so familiar and intimate in our eyes. Appropriate wearing badges gives people a completely different effect.