Wear Cufflinks With Your Identity

Since we wear cufflinks, why not wear custom cufflinks with brand name,logo,signs?

For example,if you own a team or club,why not prepare team logo cufflinks for members to show spirit of teamwork?

Custom Baseball Club Souvenir Cufflinks.jpg

Custom baseball club souvenir cufflinks is for a famous baseball club in America.the design is mascot animal. Made by brass material in silver color.with mascot logo in hard enamel finishing.

If you own a corporate,why not reward and inspire your staff with corporate logo cufflinks?

etisalat cufflinks.jpg

Etisalat cufflink is for Year-end reward for excellent staffs.

This cufflink be plated in gold,with company sign and name on front side.

If you are wedding planner,these wedding cufflinks will help a lot to distinguish guest identity.

groomsman cufflinks.jpg

This is silver cufflinks for groomsman,cufflink in oval shape,letters be engraved on front side.

There are different identity names such as: God of father cufflinks, Brother of groom cufflinks, Father of groom cufflinks and so on.