What Does The Significance For Their Collar Pins?

collar pins

Above picture is from Canada News,Butss,Wernick both wore different collar pins on their suit at the SNC-Lavalin hearing.

What Does The Significance For Their Collar Pins?

Previously, the Canadian government was dealing with corporate corruption cases related to them. The hearing was to defend personal integrity in front of the committee.

Bartz's father is a retired coal miner. In his testimony, he had a similar incident in Cape Breton during his childhood. Coal mining played an important role in the local economy. Thousands of people will face unemployment when the community collapses. 

Judging from the badge worn, Bartz wore a cross miner's shovel and shovel, which was consistent with his testimony and position.

On the other hand, the eagle feather badge worn by Wernick, the eagle feather is cherished by the first nation, is the symbol of the highest honor and courage. He wants to express his absolute loyalty to the country and the people.

I have to say that these lapel pins and testimonies they wore were the same as the testimony of the committee.