What is dog tag?

DOG tags, also known as "DOG tags" in the military, are often used in American soldier. Traditional DOG tags are used for identification purposes in the war.Many soldiers thought it sounded like a DOG TAG, so they called it DOG TAG, which later became slang for identification tags.

dog tag with silencer.jpg

dog tag with silencer

enamel dog tag men.jpg

dog tag for men

Generally, covered with black rubber ring. 

In the Vietnam War, in order to adapt to the tropical climate and avoid metal cutting the human body and avoid the metal collision and the sound is exposed. Changed to the rubberized dog tag.

Nowadays,dog tag also be used as fashion accessories,which enjoy great popular on young people.

With they favorite idol photo or slogan and so on.

offset printing dog tag (1).jpg

dog tag necklaces for kids

offset printing dog tag (2).jpg

dog tag necklaces 

The above dog pictures are customized design from Awards Gift CO.,LTD, most of the end consumers are hot blood youth, pay attention to fashion elements, not really meaningful dog tags.