What is rose gold plating bottle opener

Rose gold, a romantic name, can cause people to have countless wonderful associations. After the glittering gold jewelry and classic elegant platinum jewelry, the soft and charming rose gold jewelry has gradually become the "new darling" of fashionistas. With her unique style and culture, she has interpreted a new world of precious metal jewelry.

As a saying goes that pink rose gold first appeared in late Victoria, At that time,jewelry designers used this warm-tone metal to inlay gems and reliefs, or to make brooch pins and other jewelry. Now it is popular in the fashion field of ecological themes and jewelry design and production process On the new, new. Pink rose gold not only symbolizes love, but also contains warm and timeless emotions-built with a pure heart, it is definitely the best gift when you saying " you are my other half of circle" to him or her.

Rose gold sometime we call it pink gold and red gold.it is widely used in jewelry design and processing.It's an alloy of gold and copper. Because this type of gold was popular in Russia in the early 19th century, it is also known as Russian gold, but this term is now rarely used.

There are two types of rose gold jewelry in the current market:

  1. The jewelry base is made of rose gold alloy formula, and the rose color belongs to its special color; the rose gold base jewelry has a complicated process, so the cost is relatively high, and it is more common in high-end brand jewelry.

  2. The jewelry base is other K-gold alloy with rose gold plating on the surface. This is a popular electroplating process in the late 1990s. At present, the rose gold electroplating process is stable in process, simple in operation, excellent in deep plating ability and uniform plating ability, and low in cost. It can get the popular rose gold color, the color is bright and uniform, and has an excellent decorative effect. Therefore, it has been widely used in processing industries such as jewelry and promotional gifts.

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