What kind of keychain is suitable for publicity

People's living standards have improved now. In the future, they will choose some promotional gifts to send people, or to cultivate their own sentiments. Then when we choose, we will let ourselves purchase products that can suit ourselves; Keychain series of products are also numerous, such as: silicone, soft plastic, plastic, silicone, acrylic and other keychains, in many of these materials, there are also different.

Nowadays, there are many kinds of promotional gifts in the market, which are displayed in people's eyes. People are also very popular in the selection process. For example, the keychain products are also very popular among everyone, so what type of keychain is more suitable for doing? Promotion?

Soft rubber products, although the softness does not have the good touch of silica gel, but the soft glue can be glued into many colors at the same time, which is the effect that silica gel can't achieve; and now the soft plastic promotional gifts are also very large in the market. Especially in the Japanese market, there is a very large market share, and another one is affordable and worthy of everyone's possession.

We use plastic and silicone keychains. Although the two materials can achieve great results, the color can only be sprayed on the surface. There is no soft rubber or silicone material. That way, you can drop the color into the color; but these two materials are also very good.

Soft rubber gifts like silicone material, the material is very soft, and it feels quite comfortable when touched, just like the effect of cotton candy, but the material of this material is slightly higher in mold opening. The process is also more troublesome. If we don't care about these mold costs