What you need to know about custom pet tags

Pet tags, pet ID tags, or pet tags are small flat tags worn on pet collars or safety belts.

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Humane society and rescue organizations recommend that pets wear these tags.

This shows that the wearer is not a stray, and can enable the lost pet to be rescued in time and get contact information with the owner.

In the UK, dog owners are required by law to ensure that their dogs wear ID tags.

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The pet tag is made of a variety of materials.

Our customized pet tags can be made of iron, brass or zinc alloy, stainless steel.

Different customers have different custom pet tags for their pets, so the design of our pet tag products is very diverse.

You can use the soft enamel or the hard enamel craft, and you can also add glitter powder to make the pet tag more unique and sparkling.

Faced with different materials, die-casting or stamping can also be used for pattern design. Some are 2D patterns and some are 3D patterns.

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The content of the pet tag can write the pet's name, gender, and the owner's name and contact information. More owners put their home address directly on it.

Customize a pet tag for your pet!