Which is popular finishing for fiesta medals

2020 fiesta festival is from 16th April to 26th April.now it is the right time to prepare your custom design fiesta pins and medals for sale.

Which is popular finishing for fiesta medals?

If you are designing a fiesta medal, please keep reading.

We will explain to you these three aspects.



Dye Black Fiesta Medals (1).jpg

Based on passed 8 years of production experience, we found that dye black is the most commonly used plating color for fiesta medals.

Dye black is a very versatile color, it won't be overwhelming, and it will make other colors look more vivid.



Silver Fiesta Utsa Medal (1).jpg

As we know, there are soft enamel and hard enamel color finishing, for fiesta medals, soft enamel is more widely used.


3)Other processing that can make fiesta medal more eye catching.

- glitter

Fiesta pins and medals glitters (2)_副.jpg

Fiesta pins and medals glitters.jpg

you can use 1-2 glitters to matching the main color of medals.

When the customer wears these fiesta pins and medals, it will bling under sunshine.


-epoxy coating

Epoxy coating can protect colors and metal not be scratched during usage.what’s more with epoxy coating, the surface will be smooth.


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