Which Kinds Of Golf Bag Tag Is Most Popular

Which Kinds Of Golf Bag Tag Is Most Popular?

The following are interviews from Awards Gift CO.,LTD reporter.


AwardsGift:  Hi kid,do you like playing golf ?

Kid:  Yes.

Awardsgift:  Do you have golf bag luggage tag ?

Kid:  Yes,My mum purchase a one for me.

Awardsgift:  Would you like introduce this bag tag?

Kid:  Sure,it is soft material with cartoon feature design,it is so cute.



Awardsgift:  Hi girl,you have very sexy body shape,do you like playing golf?

Girl:  Yes,i love it,i playing golf with my friend every weekends.

Awardsgift:  Wow that’s wonderful,which kinds of golf tag do your use to distinguish your bag?

Girl:  We use different design golf bag name tags,i like blingbling bag tag with crystals or glitters.my other friends like vintage golf bag tag.it is easy to distinguish.

Awardsgift:   Thank you so much !

bling golf bag tag.jpg


Awardsgift:  Hi brother,How long have you been playing golf?

Man:  2 years

Awardsgift:  Your current grade is?

Man:  88pole

Awardsgift:  That’s wonderful.do you use golf bag tags?

Man:  Yes,i join a golf club to practise,everyone has golf bag membership tag from club,we can write down our name on the back side of tag.

Awardsgift:  That’s cool,enjoy your golfing time.



Overall,different golfer prefer different type golf bag tags.

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