Why Autism awareness pin on colorful puzzles

Autism awareness lapel pin is the badge for raising awareness of autism.

The design is based on colorful puzzles.

Below are photos for Autism awareness pins we done.


Autism Awareness Lapel Pin (4).jpg

So why the design in colorful puzzles?

The concept of autism was first proposed by Leo Canna, an expert at Johns Hopkins University in the United States in 1943. Autism is also called autism in medicine. It is a disease that has not been known and understood by the whole society. Unlike diseases such as Down's syndrome, autism does not affect the patient's face, so the appearance of autistic patients is no different from normal. In December 2007, the UN General Assembly passed a resolution. From 2008 onwards, the April 2nd of each year will be designated as "World Autism Concern Day". The autism awareness pin is to improve people's autism and related research and diagnosis as well as Concerns for patients with autism.

Whether in real life or in literary and film works related to autism, the autism that people know about the world of autism is a strikingly similar unity: incompetent words, communication and language barriers, only repeating stereotypes. Behaviour and only interested in limited activities. These are obvious signs of classic autism. "God has closed a door for him, but he will open a window for him." Although they can't take care of themselves, they are more focused on activities of interest, and some even have special talents beyond the normal development of children. For example, world famous scientists (Albert Einstein) and Newton (Isaac Newton) have autism performance.

Their poor communication does not mean that their world can't be colorful. The design for autism awareness lapel pin in colorful puzzles design,it is a hope to improve the awareness of autism in the whole society, to find patients and treat them early, so that they can be made soon. They can return to a colorful life as soon as possible.