Why wearing two pieces dog tags ?

dog tag (1)

Identity tag also known as dog tag,military tag. Generally write information such as name, rank, position, number, army, blood type.

In general, death in battle, no time to collect and bury, often buried together, or directly abandoned, then the identity tag plays two roles, one is the death certificate, one is to identify the identity when digging out or recovering the body. For serious wounded people, blood type information can also be provided for easy treatment.

The shape of Tuli is biased towards the US military. The origin can be traced back to the Civil War period. In order to identify the corpse system, a paper identity card was created (when the two sides ended the battle, there was a special time to treat the wounded and clean up the body). In the first battle, the US military adopted a round metal identity tag, and later improved into the current shape in World War II.

stainless steel dog tagsdog tag with black rubber

Equipped with a rubber ring during the Vietnam War to prevent the target from being exposed.

Why wearing two pieces that is a sad stroy.

After being killed, one piece was taken away and one piece was left on the body for identification.

At the same time, the German identity tag has only one oval identity tag with a slit in the middle. After the death, the corpse can be split in half, half on the corpse for the rear personnel to identify the identity, and half taken away for the statistics of the troops.

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